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FOSHAN HUISI TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. strives to provide high quality transmission products in the industry. Our main products are timing belt pulley, Sprocket, gear,round belt pulley ,power lock, coupling high precision mechanical components, roller and roller bed, etc . We also manufacture and sell PU/rubber timing belt, V-belt, round belt, V ribbed belt, conveyor belt, transmission flat belt, lifting belt and other special transmission belts . They are wildly used in the glass further processing industry, automotive manufacturing industry, logistics automation industry, packaging and printing industry, injection machinery industry and building industry, where we are highly praised by the customers. We will keep improving and make high quality and high precision professional products in mechanical field.

Our professional sales and technical team will provide customers with the most suitable products and technical support, on-site installation technical guidance and solutions. Foshan HuiSi transmission machinery Co., Ltd is a good help to transmission machinery to solve problems for customers.

Enterprise Tenet::Quality is Priority, Integrity is Base. Insist on Profession, Transmit Ideas and Drive the World.

Business Principle: Sincere Cooperation, Technical Focus and Innovative Service;Management Concept: Team Work, Good Character and Win-Win Cooperation.

We promise every customer to provide them with the best products and services for long term win-win cooperation.

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Address:No. 3, Ground Floor, Tower 2, Hongxing Real Estate Factory Building, No. 6 Fuluo Road Shi Shan Town,Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong province

Phone:13925425039  Address:Block A,Second floor,South China Innovation Industrial Park,Middle of Fuluo Road Luocun

Shishan,Nanhai District ,Foshan City,,Guangdaon,China

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Hot line:13925425039